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  • Пейрол и Личен състав

    Labor And Remunerations and Personnel

    Specific accounting activity that includes various regulatory and legal aspects – from administering of employment agreements to calculating of remunerations...

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  • Подбор на персонал


    Well-selected, serviced and developed human resources is our mission.

    We turn it into your human capital.

    We make sure you don't care.

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  • Професионални обучения

    Vocational trainings

    Through its partners and developed specialized center,
    Bulgarian Payroll Company offers a wide range
    from professional trainings in over 25 areas...

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We provide european class service in bulgarian prices. Try with us.


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Outsourcing is the delegation of rights to an external organization to perform ...


Bulgarian Payroll Company has outsourced expert separate, which cover the full ...

About us

About us
Bulgarian Payroll Company (BOD) is part of the consulting group TABAG ...

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  • A reliable partner that I trust!
  • Fast and efficient service!
  • They think about my business!

Our point of view

  • We believe that the responsibility in relationships creates partnerships with future.
  • The experience and the numerous cases we have been through give us the security in the breadth we work with.
  • The success of our customers is also our success. We are a team.

Leadership selections made
Successfully completed audits and inspections
Payroll declarations prepared and submitted
Processed payroll files

Trans Account Business Assistance Group - TABAG


translation agency

  • written translations
  • interpretation
  • legalization of documents
  • language courses

Bulgarian Payroll Company

personnel administration

  • salary and personnel
  • recruitment
  • professional training

Trans Account

accounting office

  • accounting services
  • salary and personnel
  • administration
  • financial and business consulting
  • audit
  • legal


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