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Labor And Remunerations and Personnel

Labor And Remunerations and Personnel

Specific accounting activity that includes various regulatory and legal aspects – from administering of employment agreements to calculating of remunerations, paying bonuses, food vouchers, deductions, transportation costs, medical packages and social security installments.

Proper administration requires continuous monitoring of frequent changes in regulations, compliance with strict deadlines and specifics pursuant to the tax and labor legislation.

Bulgarian Payroll Company has a qualified team of payroll specialists with rich experience in the field of employment law relationships and personnel activity, which will provide you professional servicing and a guarantee for compliance with the legal requirements and deadlines. All this in the most effective way for the company and at a reasonable price. 

We offer you payroll and personnel servicing that includes the following processes: 

  • Calculation and preparation of payroll ledgers and pay slips;

  • Calculation of income taxes, social security and health insurance – recapitulations;

  • Submitting of declarations forms 1 and 6, notifications to the Territorial Directorates of the National Revenue Agency under art. 62 of the Labor Code;

  • Submitting of sick leave notes, applications and annexes to them in the National Social Security Institute;

  • Keeping a register of the presented sick leave notes;

  • Preparation of employment agreements, additional agreements, annexes, etc. related to employment law relationships;

  • Preparation of civil contracts – bills for paid sums, official certificates, declarations and others;

  • Preparation of paid leave orders, orders for termination of an employment agreement/dismissal, official certificates;

  • Filling of employment and social security record books;

  • Filling of payment documents for taxes due, social security contributions, etc. to the bill;

  • Submitting a report under art. 73 of the Labor Code; 

  • Submitting of a declaration form 3 in the Territorial Directorate of the National Revenue Agency;

  • Submitting a notification under art. 123 of the Labor Code;

  • Administration and maintenance of work files in an office of Bulgarian Payroll Company;

  • Coordination and preparation of monthly work schedules;

  • Consultations and analyses in reference to labor and remunerations;

  • Collecting of documents from the client’s office or facility;

  • Preparation of reports to the management of the company;

  • Cooperation in case of inspections by the Executive Agency to the General Labor Inspectorate and the National Revenue Agency.

Additional services:

  • Provision of personal IBAN for payment of remunerations and social security contributions in the name and on behalf of the contracting client;

  • Maintenance of electronic archive – scanning and electronic storage of labor and remuneration files.

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