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about us

Bulgarian Payroll Company (BPC) is a part of the TABAG (Trans Account Business Assistance Group) consultancy group

The group is specialized in the field of foreign financial, accounting, legal and administrative servicing of Bulgarian and foreign companies.

BPC is a company specialized in payroll and personnel services, as well as human resources administration. The focus of the portfolio of services offered is strictly profiled and concentrated in this field.

The company was created with the idea of imposing a new model of payroll and personnel administration and personnel selection by using in addition already established methods and principles. The main goal of BPC is to establish long-term business relationships with its clients that based on loyalty and trust by providing flexible and innovative solutions based on good practices and individual approach.

BPC always seeks and attracts the most highly qualified personnel in the field of payroll, personnel and recruitment services. This, as well as the use of the most modern and high-tech personnel administration systems makes BPC one of the strongest and leading companies in the Bulgarian market.

Dear managers and directors, we at Bulgarian Payroll Company are close to you in your work and relations with one of the most important and significant assets of each company – the personnel! We are by your side form the very beginning – the selection by striving for you to get the right people for your goals. We are with you through the entire work process by trying to ensure that the relationships between you are fair and correct. We are also by your side at the very end by taking care that your interests are fully protected and safe. We are here for you! We stand by our name and experience to help you!

Svetozar Georgiev, Manager

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