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Outsourcing is the delegation of rights to an outsourced organization to perform and manage operations or entire processes that are not customer-based and do not directly participate in its main activity on the market. At the same time, the service provider assists in the development and improvement of the given business function. Examples for the commonly used outsourcing services are: payroll calculation, accounting, information systems support, vocational training, car fleet and buildings maintenance, etc.

Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular form of work around the world, with many government institutions and companies in various industries using business process outsourcing services. This provides a number of significant benefits:

  • it allows the organization to focus on its main business processes and goals by outsourcing the peripheral activities;
  • the outsourced service providers are specialized in providing it, i.e. they have considerable experience in the field and are able to deliver high quality performance;
  • it frees the organization from the need to create and maintain an infrastructure and specialists to provide an ancillary process. This is taken care of by an external contractor who provides services according to the client’s current needs and carries the risks of poor performance.

Why choose external specialists personnel selection and administration (payroll outsourcing):

  • very reasonable prices especially in the absence of personnel or resources for the service;
  • very suitable for any type of company as it gives their team the opportunity to focus on the main and most important activity by redirecting the minor activities to side persons (the outsourcing company);
  • achieving more increased control, stricter monitoring of the relevant results;
  • high flexibility and ability to adjust between employer and outsourcer;
  • reducing of resources for specialized personnel;
  • use of ready and tested innovations by a specialized company.

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